Optimized Dropdown Menus

March 11, 2012 - 2 minutes read

By using Optimized Dropdown Menus, you’ll be able to create dropdown menus that are searchable or “spiderable” by search engine bots.

Based on an idea that was originally brought up by yoast.

Q. So what actually this plugin does?

A.  This plugin lets you add a drop-down menu to your sidebar, while making sure search engine spiders will be able to scan through the menu content. Usually when you add an ordinary drop-down menu, search engine spiders will not be able (deliberately or not) to scan through the pages you are linking to. Optimized Dropdown Menus uses JavaScript code to re-build the menu from a normal <ul> styled menu, while search engines keep on “seeing” it as normal menus.

[zilla_button url=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/optimized-dropdown-menus/” style=”green” size=”small”] Download from WordPress.org [/zilla_button]


This is how you set up the widget:

The widget’s options. Select the menu that you’d like to appear in a dropdown.

This is how the menu looks on TwentyEleven. Of course that the real magic happens behind the scenes.


The menu, as it appears on the front-end

Code Example

Capture of the initial code that’s being generated (After this state, JS will override the menu and display it as a “<select>” drop-down)


The HTML code that’s being generated by the plugin, later on being converted to a <select> drop-down menu


Upcoming Features

  • custom function for developers (optimized_dropdown_menu) that will serve the same functionality.

Further Information

Do you have any suggestions or questions about the plugin? Would you like to contribute? If you, please leave your feedback in the comments section below.