New Plugin: Plugin Activation Date

September 14, 2012 - 1 minute read

Once installed, this plugin will help you keep track of when you have activated or deactivated plugins on your WordPress site. It will add a new column in the “Plugins” dashboard page. Note that you’ll only be able to see activation/deactivation dates after you have installed this plugin.

You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugins repository. My plugin was also reviewed on so feel free to check it out!

[zilla_button url=”” style=”green” size=”small”] Download Plugin Activation Date [/zilla_button] [zilla_button url=”” style=”white” size=”small”] Read the review on WPMU [/zilla_button]

How do I change the date format?

Currently, the date (and time) format is taken from your settings (Settings → General). Note that on the same screen, you have a checkbox (at the bottom of the settings page) that allows you to show a relative date format instead (“30 minutes ago”). Since the date & time settings may affect your entire site, I have added a filter hook for modifying the date format. Here’s an example you might use. Refer to “Formatting Date and Time” for more info about date and time formatting.

function my_pad_time_format( $format ) {
	return 'm.d.Y';
add_filter( 'pad_date_time_format', 'my_pad_time_format' );