New Plugin: Become The Big Brother with Activity Log

May 23, 2013 - 3 minutes read

Hello there, you fine WP folks!

Over the last weeks I’ve been working with my buds from ARYO Digital on a nice little WordPress plugin (I was working along with Yakir and Ariel, both are super talented guys that are passionate about WP as I am). We kept the development phase in “low-profile” up until today (because who doesn’t like surprises). I’m excited to announce the first unofficial beta of Activity Log.


What is Activity Log?

Activity Log is a WordPress utility plugin. It lets you easily track what actions registered users are performing on the dashboard of your site. This plugin is primarily ideal, and focused around the average WP service provider. If you’re a service provider and you happen to build WP sites for your clients, you must have experienced already a situation where a client contacts you months after the site goes live and says “OMG! [Feature X] stopped working!”. Then, in some cases, you’d be  spending hours upon hours trying to figure how to fix it.

Activity Log was designed with this type of occurrences in mind, so that the process of figuring out what went wrong gets really easy and streamlined. Activity Log will document almost every operation carried by any registered user on the dashboard, and stored in its own, dedicated DB table (so the data does not get mixed with your posts, comments or options). That way, if a user deactivated a plugin or removed that page she should never have, you’ll notice it right away.

The full list of triggers can be found on on the plugin’s page, over at

A yet another nice feature is the ability to control the duration logs will be held in the database. You can choose any of these durations: month, 6 months, a year or forever. That way your database won’t get to cluttered and heavy. Pretty neat, eh?

Activity Log Settings

That’s all, folks! If you’d like to grab the plugin for a ride, head over to your WP installation and type “Activity Log” in the plugin searchbox. Or grab it directly from its official page on


Hoping this plugin will make your life easier (alright alright, your virtual life),



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