New Plugin: WordPress Widget Labels

April 6, 2016 - 1 minute read

Soooooo… today I released a new plugin called “WordPress Widget Labels”.

Before you ask (or after) — What does it do? Quoting the source (Nothing but README, obviously.)

Allows you to use custom labels/titles for any of your Widgets

This simple, but useful plugin that lets you control what label shows next to each Widget in your WordPress dashboard. The idea behind is to allow better organization of your widgets, as well as to give you a bit more control and flexibility over this already-built-in WordPress feature.

It’s very handy in cases where you’d like your clients to know something before updating a certain widget. We might even change this up in the future and change it up to a `<textarea>` field.

Yup. And here’s a nifty little screenshot. The plugin will soon be published on, and once it does a link will be posted here.

For now, you can get it on GitHub while it’s hot and fresh ????

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