"An online document-viewing WordPress plugin that doesn't suck."

Simple Google Docs Viewer

The Concept

Back in the day, I was challenged by a client at integrating an open-source PDF viewer tool into their site. There were a few tools out there, but nothing really beats the simplicity and reliability of Google Viewer. And so, this plugin came into life.

Initial Problem

Open-source PDF viewing tools out there weren't reliable enough at the time. Something simple yet fully functional was needed.

Our Solution

Google Docs Viewer was found to be a reliable option. It isn't open-source, but still one of the best options out there as an in-browser document viewer. Simple Google Docs Viewer was created to supply the said demand. 

Amazing Result

As a result the users on the client's site (and over 1,000 sites) were able to easily view and interact with published documents. The plugin also supports responsive views, which is a great added bonus.

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